A little bit about me . . .

I’m Alison. I’m in my late-30s, live on the North-East coast with my husband and I love crafting.

I’ve been a self-employed Graphic Designer since I left higher education in 2001 but I decided to take a leap of faith and diversify my business a bit.

Although I love the printing and day-to-day work that I do, I also love to be let loose and do something a bit less constrained. I enjoy most types of craft and will try my hand at pretty much everything.

With a great deal of help from my parents, I made pretty-much everything for my wedding and got some amazing feedback from friends and family.

This spurred me on to look at a change of direction and play on my strengths. With my design background, the computer skills I have built up and the list of suppliers I have worked with, I have seen a potential for me to have a bit of fun, go a bit wild and produce things that hopefully you will love as much as I do!